Jekyll & Hyde – 13 Angry Scorpions


HEAT: 7/10

Keg-Aged Trinidad Moruga Scorpion & Chipotle Peppers.

At a very respectable 109,000 Scoville units, Jekyll & Hyde is the G . O . A . T super hot sauce, with an amazing flavour profile, hundreds of five star reviews and bursting with summer barbecue vibes! Wood-Smoked Red Jalapeño Peppers, apple cider vinegar, tomato and brown sugar and signature spice rub, bringing to the table an extra hot sauce with a rich and rustic flavour profile. Jekyll & Hyde isn’t just an award winning sauce, it’s an absolute game changer with all your favourite meals – so it’s just as tasty with Mexican or Asian cuisine, as it is on a brisket burger with onion rings!